Why Hi 5 Child Development Center ?

Children who are at risk of or have development delay due to neurological issues like Cerebral Palsy, Autism, ADHD, Global development delay, other genetical and orthopedical  need transdisciplinary services like Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech and Language, Art Based Therapies, Reflex Integration etc  to bring about over all development in the child. We believe every child has the potentional to learn.  Our team of professionals are well trained and use evidence based practices to bring about difference in children with special needs. 

As a parent  if your child is not developing like other children of same age, you are likely to be all the more anxious and worried. But we are here to help. Call us. 

Trained Professionals

Our Therapists are well trained in their field of experterise and know the importance of bonding with a child to help bring a big difference in their therapies.


We offer various therapies at our center. These are evidence based practicise that have over time proven to help children with speical needs. 

Disability Certification Cell

Our Social Worker will guide you to  relevant disability certification, Insurance and facilitate school admission for children with special needs in an inclusive environement. 

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